The Company


Vitobello Ricambi, founded in 1972, offers its customers forty years of experience in the sale and distribution of mechanical parts for diesel and petrol engines.
The company has a warehouse with an area of over 8,000 square metres, with more than 8,000 items in stock.

To meet the needs of car refitters and machine shops, it offers a service aimed at reducing the cost of inspection and reconstruction of engines and their parts, ensuring selected and safe spare parts of all brands – high quality, original and aftermarket. In addition, the company seeks to provide a comprehensive range of after-sales service.
Another key feature of Vitobello Ricambi Srl is the timing of our deliveries, which are entrusted to the best express couriers in Italy, in order to minimise downtime.
To provide customers with the option of a quick reference to our stock, in 2014 we opened our e-shop, where customers can check availability and prices in real-time, for a quick supply of all material needed for revision and maintenance of their engines.

Today, after more than 40 years, Vitobello Ricambi is an international brand that enjoys experience and professionalism in the field of reconstruction and overhaul of engines and their components, both for private cars and for commercial vehicles. Our company expansion has all the traits of a virtuous business story that grows and matures over time, and that rewards shrewd investments and the constant desire to satisfy the needs of the customer. These advantages have led the company to its global presence today, with several stores on all five continents.
The mission of the company is to expand the range of sales by investing in research and development.

In fact, before a product goes on sale, it undergoes testing that lasts at least six months. These tests check the material quality and include product life, stress and thermal shock tests, all necessary to check the compatibility of an aftermarket product with the original.

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